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When Willow Springs Emu Oil was first established the concept of emu oil for health and skin care was not new.  The formulation or our products was an extension of the well known uses of Emu Oil by the aboriginals of the outback of Australia.  Many hours have been spent perfecting the synergistic blends of natural ingredients in our products. We are a small company located in the pristine Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Our active outdoor lifestyle has enabled us to realize the benefits of naturally based nourishing skin care. We have been mentored in the production of all of our products and will continue to manufacture locally in small batches to obtain the best possible results.  This method also allows us to maintain quality and freshness in our products. Our aim is to honour and maintain the high standards with which this company is built on.

Meet Koya and Stan Hanson

As the owners of this dynamic company we are pleased to bring our vision and lifestyle to the forefront.  We have lived, worked and played in the beautiful Comox Valley for the past 28 years as we have raised our family.  We are fortunate to call this valley home as it supports our active outdoor lifestyle. If we are not working or spending time with our grandchildren, we can be found on the ocean waters, the snowy slopes or the majestic forests that define our playground.

We have built our life on the basis of naturally derived health and skin care products. We truly believe that if you care about what you are putting in your body then you need to care what you are putting on your body.

Experience the Benefits

Emu Oil has some very extraordinary properties which scientists still do not completely comprehend.  If you would like to learn more about pure Emu Oil, Emu Oil benefits, and Emu Oil products, there is lots of information available online.

We encourage you to read up further on the extraordinary properties and benefits of Emu Oil, and then try our Willow Springs line of natural skin and body products. We know you will be amazed with the results.

Our Process

All of our oil comes from an American Emu Association Certified farm.  The Emus are raised in a natural, free range environment free from pesticides and herbicides.  No antibiotics, hormones, or steroids are used in the raising of the emus.  The Emu Oil starts as emu fat which is vacuum packed, quickly frozen then delivered to the Refinery.

A gentle mechanical refining process is used – resulting in a superior, premium-quality, Pure Emu Oil. We are careful to ensure that absolutely no harsh solvents or chemicals are used in the final refining procedure. Both we and our oil refiner strongly believe that a more natural, gentle approach to rendering, and refining, will create the most biologically-active Pure Emu Oil – as Mother Nature intended!

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to our principles of purity and integrity.  All our products start with our cornerstone ingredient, Whole Pure Emu Oil which is then blended with only 100% naturally derived ingredients.  Every ingredient we select has a specific purpose for your skin.  No heavy, harsh ingredients are ever used in the manufacture of our products.  We create a wide range of Natural skin care products crafted with passion and care.  If you care about what you are putting in you body then you should care what your are putting on your body.

Let us Nurture your skin with Nature.


"Thank you. I love the emu oil. I use it on my face every day and night. My skin looks very youthful and it has removed the fine lines. Actually, I use it from head to toe. I am looking forward to receiving my new order.
I love it.  Thank you again." - Sharon

"I just want to let you know that I received my package on Monday. The emu oil is way better (more absorbing and less irritating) than the one I was using. Thank you for the wonderful products." Vicky

"We absolutely love emu oil and so do our customers! We sell it alongside our tattoo and piercing aftercare and recommend it to everyone. At home we use it for anything from scrapes, to moisturizer when our skin is particularly dry. Thank you so much for creating such great and natural products." - Body Jewlz Tattoo and Piercing