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Q: What is the shelf-life of Emu Oil?
A: All products that contain Emu Oil, as well as other natural oils, should be stored at room temperature and never exposed to extreme heat or sunlight. An example of extreme heat would be leaving Emu Oil out by the pool all summer long, which would significantly reduce the shelf-life. Emu Oil can be stored in the refrigerator, however it must be brought back to room temperature for dispensing. Willow Springs Emu Oil is refined to a superior quality, meaning that all the peroxides have been removed and as a result, its shelf life is at least 18 months as per the expiry date stamp on the Emu Oil label. When refrigerated, the shelf-life can be extended to over 2 years.

Q: How can I tell if Emu Oil is of high quality?
A: 100% pure Certified Fully Refined Emu Oil is a totally unique natural product. For best quality choose an oil that is cream to a straw colour, odourless, and very bland to the taste. A dark yellow, red or brown tint indicates a low quality product or a poor refining process. Some vendors use herbs or essential oils to cover up odours in lower quality oil. Peroxides cause the oil to break down and to deteriorate rapidly, reducing the shelf life. Our Emu Oil is odourless, virtually tasteless, ingestible, and has no peroxides.

Q: Some of your Emu Oil products are priced higher than some other similar products offered by other online companies. Can you explain why?
A: Comparing the prices of various companies’ Emu Oil products can be like comparing apples to oranges. We at the Outback Emuzing Ranch formulate and manufacture all our products ourselves onsite. We use only natural based high quality ingredients. We use high percentages of Emu Oil and the other active therapeutic ingredients without the use of any chemical “fillers” or petroleum based ingredients. We believe that our Willow Springs Collection products are superior to most other Emu Oil products available and very good value for your money. Please review our ingredients list on the “more info” link page for that product and compare our ingredients (listed in decreasing order of percentage) to other companies’ ingredients list.

Q: How is your Emu Oil processed?
A: Adult Emu have a large pocket of fat on their back. The fat is vacuum packed, frozen and then sent to our refiner. The fat is first rendered into a crude oil before it is further refined to remove the impurities. However, this “crude Emu Oil” still has some coloration, taste, and odour. Our refiner uses a natural refining process to further filter and refine the Emu Oil twice more to remove all the impurities without reducing its natural moisturizing, skin penetrating, anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties. The resulting Fully Refined Emu Oil is odourless, virtually tasteless and a cream to light straw colour. The highest quality oil is fully refined and is odourless, virtually tasteless, has no peroxides and can be ingested. This is the only Emu Oil that we at the Outback Emuzing Ranch, sell and use in our Willow Springs Collection products. Lower quality Emu Oil will have an odour and probably a dark yellow, red, or brown tint, and it will contain peroxides. Peroxides break down the Emu Oil and cause it to deteriorate rapidly, which reduces its shelf-life.

Q: My Emu Oil is very thick and creamy. Is this normal? Why does my Emu Oil change appearance from time to time?
A: Emu Oil is naturally a creamy semi-solid consistency and only begins to liquefy above 24 degrees C. When your Emu Oil becomes very thick simply warm it under hot water. It will return to its natural consistency again when it cools. As ambient temperature varies, the consistency of Emu Oil will vary from thick at cold temperatures to completely liquid at high temperatures. If left undisturbed at room temperature for a number of weeks, Emu Oil can naturally divide into 2 fractions, one liquid and the other more solid, creamier form. The longer it is left, the more separation occurs. Together, these two fractions contain the entire benefits of Emu Oil. Separated, they do not contain all the beneficial components of the oil.
Some companies offered only the top liquid component, touting it as the “best” of the Emu Oil; however, we now know much more about the oil and research has concurred that both fractions should be present to be most beneficial for softening skin and reducing pain and irritations. When your oil separates, simply shake it together.

Q: What are the different grades of Emu Oil?
A: Health Canada and the USFDA still hasn’t developed a grading system for Emu Oil. Many vendors use the system set by the American Emu Association that defines three grades of Emu Oil: crude, once refined and fully refined. This system doesn’t tell you the exact quality of oil; it just tells you which category the Emu Oil is in. Even within the different grades of Emu Oil there are variances allowed. Outback Emuzing Ranch adheres to the highest possible standards and allows only the purest oil from the best fat to be packaged for human use. This same high quality Emu Oil is used in all Willow Springs Emu Oil products. Emu Oil for human use should be “fully refined,” and not just filtered or refined. Even fully refined Emu Oil can have an “off” color or taste and contain peroxides that cause the oil to deteriorate.

Q: Do you use any artificial dyes in your Penetrating Deep Heat Cream? I used another brand and it turned me Blue!
A: Absolutely not! Our Penetrating Deep Heat Cream is a light orange colour that absorbs into the skin without leaving a colour trace. The pain relieving ingredient capsicum from hot peppers, in this cream is a natural reddish-orange colour and imparts the light orange colour to our pain cream.

Q:How does your product compare to the ingredients in Blue Stuff? I really liked it, but your prices are better and maybe in cream form it won’t turn color? And it may spread easier? And it is less money?
A: Our Penetrating Deep Heat Pain Cream contains high percentages of the active pain relieving ingredients: Emu Oil, MSM, Glucosamine, Menthol CMO, Boswellia, Capsicum and Camphor. The ingredients in our cream are far superior and in higher percentage to those in Blue Stuff, however our product costs less and it doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients or dyes. Our Deep Heat Pain Cream spreads easily, absorbes well into the skin well and is very effective at relieving varous types of pain.

Q: Are there artificial fragrances or scents in your products?
A: No, we use only natural essential oils scents & flavours and ingredients in all our Willow Springs Emu Oil products. The ingredients are listed on the “more info” link next to each product on the Shop page.


Emu Oil Arthritis Study
Dr. Michael Whitehouse and Dr. Peter Ghosh’s research study, “The Anti- Arthritic Activity of Emu Oil.” reveals that Emu Oil does eliminate arthritis pain and inflammation.

AEA Burn Study Results
AEA initiated Emu Oil study at Timothy J. Harnar Burn Center to analyze the effective involvement of emu oil in the healing process of burn wounds showed that there was a significant difference in scarring and inflammation between the Emu oil and the control patients and that the patients themselves favoured Emu oil as an end result and during application.

A Physician’s Use of Emu Oil for Eczema
Dr. Dan Dean of Michigan, uses Emu Oil on patients suffering from eczema, psoriasis, burns, sore joints, arthritis, colitis, abrasions, scars, and as a wound application immediately following surgery. Photographic eczema testimonial (LINK)

Emu Oil and Chiropractic Massage
Chiropractors Dr. Patty Headly and Dr. Ron Westbrook experience many positive benefits of using Emu oil in the treatment of neck, back, and joint pain and in the massage of sore muscles.

Dermatologist Uses Emu Oil for Acute Skin Care
Dr. Esta Kronberg, a dermatologist specializing in Dermatologic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology, embraces the use of Emu Oil in the treatment of acute skin care problems including burns, skin disease, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, as well as anti-aging and general skin improvement treatments.

A Veterinarian’s Testimonial of Emu Oil
Dr. Matthew S. Zimmer finds Emu Oil accelerates wound healing and decreases the tendency toward production of proud flesh in horses, bovine and in his small animal practise as well.

Emu Oil based United States Patents
A number of United States Patents for various specific uses and applications of Emu Oil.

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The Emu Farmer’s Handbook

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